Full Tilt Ice Cream Rebrand


Branding, Packaging, Web Design


Rebrand Full Tilt Ice Cream Arcade while staying true to their edgy spirit. Give them a new identity that invites people from the local community to visit their store and purchase their products from local retailers.


Based on research of the business develop a cohesive brand that speaks to the spirit of the brand and their intended growth. Help them create a cohesive and friendly brand that exemplifies their brand character traits: Neighborly, Vibrant, and Off-Beat.


Through use of a hand touched visual style displayed through the application of active patterns and custom made typography my partner and I developed a refined visual style guide that could be used throughout asset and collateral creation.

My Roles

Branding and Identity
Asset Creation
Logo Design
Layout Design

Tools Used

After Effects



Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is what sets Full Tilt Ice Cream apart from their competitors. They provide ice cream lovers a neighborhood spot that enriches the community through play, entertainment, and a variety of creative ice cream offerings.

Brand Character

Neighborly, Vibrant and Off-Beat.

Full Tilt Ice Cream was founded in the edgy spirit of punk rock and old Seattle charm with the goal to bring communities together. They want you to feel like a kid from your taste buds to your fingertips.


Full Tilt caters to local young families, 30-45 year old adults with children under 15, 14-18 year olds looking for a safe place to hang out after school, and 20-30 year olds who are interested in music, beer, and games. They want the local community to believe that Full Tilt is a low-key place to have fun and play arcade games. The secondary audiences is artists, vegans, and geeks, and they could potentially expand their products to secondary marketplaces in mainstream retail or natural food markets.

They want their audience to become loyal customers, book outside services such as catering and parties, and recommend Full Tilt to their friends and family.


The Full Tilt Ice Cream logo embodies the grungy, punk rock personality of their brand. We believe enjoying your favorite ice cream should be a messy and carefree experience. This is why their main symbol is based on ice cream scoops stacked high and dripping with flavor. The logo type was created using custom hand lettering to portray the friendly and approachable nature of the owners and employees.


This is a student project.