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With the endless amount of goods and services available to dog owners deciding what is best for their special friend can become an overwhelming task. In addition to meeting the basic care needs of their dogs, owners must commit time outside of their busy schedules to arrange and attend veterinary visits, make multiple trips to the store for pet care products and ensure that their dog is happy and healthy when they are not around. Managing all of the responsibilities of dog ownership can take away from spending valuable time with their pet and become a source of anxiety when owners are unable to meet these needs.


Focusing on the needs of affluent dog owners we created a single point of contact for users to easily manage all of the responsibilities of dog ownership. In addition to creating an app based service platform, we developed a lower cost option sub brand of product offerings to build brand recognition and loyalty.


A curated app based eco-system of existing third party service providers (groomers, veterinary etc.), and high quality products; available in select cities. In addition to providing recognized name brand products Hund will also offer a value brand alternative option, Scout, for select products, targeted at consumers looking for a lower cost option while still retaining the quality our customers demand.

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Web Design
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Tom Eyler
Lauren Haynes
Alex Hewitt


Before my partners and I began moving into the app development stage of the process we needed to understand what our unique selling point would be for potential users. We began by conducting a SWOT analysis so that we could identify our strengths and have a unified plan for both brand and app development.

SWOT Analysis


In addition to more clearly defining our goals for the project we took a look at the current market for both dog service providers and subscription based delivery services to see where there was opportunity for improvement and to leverage what we felt was working well.


We next conducted a short survey targeted toward our key demographic, high income dog owners to find current pain points they face in caring for their dog. We supplemented our findings with additional research available online, and found that across the board dog owners viewed their pets as an additional member of their family and prioritize trust, safety and quality as key elements when selecting both products and services. We used our finding to develop three personas of potential users and worked to address unique challenges each of them face.

Following persona development we created a potential user journey that sought to identify points of focus when moving into app development. These would be opportunities to create a unique experience for the user and resolve areas of frustration.

User Personas
Customer Journey


Moving into app development we started by whiteboarding potential user flows and creating a rough wireframe of how users will move through the app. We focused primarily on the onboarding process, booking a service and buying a product.

Through a series of iterations working from lo-fi, mid-fi to hi-fi wireframes we expanded and refined these processes to create multiple prototypes for these tasks. Our goal was to ensure consistent brand application as well as retain similar UI processes through various screens of app development.


Primary to this project was establishing a strong visual identity and brand that could be applied to both an app and secondary product brand. We first started by defining our overall brand values and creating a style guide to be used across multiple mediums.

Hund Brand Guide
Responsive Landing Page
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This is a student project.